Preconception Care/IVF Care

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In order to increase the chances of a healthy pregnancy and a healthy child, it is recommended that you optimize your health prior to conception for at least 3-6 months. Your body recruit eggs about 3 months prior to ovulation, this time is a window of opportunity to nourish your body and improve egg quality, and improve uterine environment for successful implantation. This approach to fertility and pregnancy is highly recommended for women with advanced maternal age. As women age, oxidation damage can impair egg quality and reduce blood flow to uterus and lower estrogen levels which have damaging effects on uterine lining impacting pregnancy. Studies have shown that the same age related damage have a negative impact on the sperm quality, count, morphology, and motility which can affect the pregnancy outcome. At Acuwellness Center, we offer preconception care for our patient which include, acupuncture and herbs, and nutritional consultation to prepare your body for your IVF/IUI or natural pregnancy. We also offer pre/post IVF treatments for our patients to help with increasing implantation rate.

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